eCH-0241 CH-Core_(FHIR)

Version 1.0.0, Status Genehmigt, Publiziert am 09.06.2021

This eCH standard references the standard HL7 FHIR, CH Core (R4) 1.0.0 - Trial use.
CH Core is a national implementation guide for the use of Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resource (FHIR®© ) in Switzerland.

• The guide provides guidance on essential resources for identifiers, code systems, value sets and naming systems in Switzerland, specifically in relation to the Swiss Electronic Patient Record (EPR).
• The guide defines extensions that are necessary for local use in Switzerland.
• The guide covers the requirements for eCH-0010 postal address and eCH-0011 personal data.
• The guide defines data elements from CDA-CH V2.1 (2020) document standard in FHIR CH Core profiles.
• The guide incorporates Federal Statistics Office (BFS) variables for medical statistics. See BFS (available in German, French, and Italian).

This eCH standard complements eCH-0089, which has the same goal but which uses HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) instead of FHIR.


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